A little about ourselves:

Madagaskar-Travel’ has specialised in the island since 1993. Travellers stand to benefit from the company’s five-year presence in Madagascar, and from a partner firm with its own office in Tana.

Our programme is regularly updated and is particularly suitable for people travelling alone or in small groups. You are always welcome to ask us about the kind of travel experience you are looking for; we (almost) always come up with a solution. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment with us for an individual consultation, and we will make a customised offer. On our website you will find a very varied selection of tours available and our personal recommendations for favourite hotels. Also on the site is further information about the country and its people, and our points of contact.

Out team

Achim Wonneberger

A self-employed businessman since 1984, becoming managing director of ‘BW GmbH’ in 1992, a company currently operating as a tourism and transport concern, predominantly in the field of foodstuffs. In 1993 he founded his first business in Madagascar: ‘AB-Trading & Mining Company’. This company was later renamed as ‘AB-Touring s.a.r.l.’. The same original staff are still employed by this concern today.
In 1994 ‘Madagaskar-Travel’ was set up here in Germany in order to spread information and raise the profile of Madagascar.
Land und Leute Madagaskar

Irène Guerra

Diploma in ‘Business Management for Toursim’.
Since 2003 she has been actively working for ‘Madagaskar-Travel’ and for ‘FP-Reisen Brasilien’ as a specialist in the area of tour planning.
In 2005 the tourism management department of ‘Madagaskar-Travel’ was acquired by BW GmbH. In 2008 ‘Reunion-Travel’ was founded.
She now carries exclusive responsibilities for all the tourism side of the business.
Land und Leute Madagaskar

Malala Razanakiniaina